Services We Provide:

Food Pantry

Every 2 days out of the week we provide Food pick-ups for families in need. The boxes we provide are held with care as we follow Covid guidelines in making sure your food is safe for consumption. The boxes of food we hand out come with frozen meats, no perishables, vegetables, dairy, and more.

We believe in helping those who unfortunately can’t help themselves. Let us be your comfort, your support through these hard times.

Volunteer Work for Communities

We are always looking for new smiling faces to help us with running Brian Safe Haven.

Your age doesn’t matter as long are you willing to help and contribute to better our community! Whether it be packing boxes, handing out boxes, or packing food in our storage units. We gladly accept any form of help and worker.

Advocating for Families

We advance our assistance by providing free and open access to material and information that is proven to batter our community.

In addition, we provide administrative assistance to ensure eligible participants receive financial and tangible resources.

To the end, ensuring our clients are on the path to a successful future.

Let’s build something great together.

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